Applicable Representation of City Centres with Heritage Importance (APPROACH) has emerged from a multisector cooperation containing heritage, architectural and cultural organisations, municipality with architectural and media enterprises and a VET institution with media classes. The main objective of this transnational consortium is to assemble an online learning platform as an open educational resource targeting architectural, art historian, students of planning as well as web design students in the VET and on other levels.

The main output of the programme is a 4-piece collection of interactive 3D city maps showing the centres of Edinburgh, Granada, Budapest and Lublin as non-formal educational tools. The creation of the animated models is based on a scientific historical and urbanistic research involving collection of historic data such as old maps, drawings and archive texts. The data is then used to rebuild and present selected time periods of the cities – from their foundation to modern times. This approach gives a possibility to freely explore the urban environment in both space and time, collecting knowledge about monuments and interact with the virtual models.

The multilingual content of the city maps will make them act as 3D visual dictionaries, which can also function as integrated language learning resources. As a result of this international research effort will be a comprehensive study elaborated by the research institutions to present outstanding materials about the analysed cities. It will also involve a summary of steps taken by this product-oriented cooperation with the architectural and media enterprises. Its main purpose is to promote the project ideas among VET institutions and relevant stakeholders in order to inspire creation of further educational content similar to the products of this project.

The APPROACH project delivers a series of video tutorials and manuals on creation of 3 dimensional interactive contents (available on the project’s website). The production of this online material is coordinated with a training programme and blended mobility of VET students (media and web design). The students are involved in learning, testing delivery of the final resource. Our approach recognises the latest trends of CAD, BIM and game development technologies, providing knowledge and competences with remarkable labour market relevance.

Project Partners

Edinburgh World Heritage Trust (Edinburgh, Scotland, UK) as coordinator
Digitalis Legendarium (Budapest, Hungary)
Doctum (Granada, Spain)
EK Association (Budapest, Hungary)
Municipality of Lublin (Lublin, Poland)
Riga School of Art and Media (Riga, Latvia)
Tektum (Cluj, Romania)

Project Meetings

Kick-off Meeting – Edinburgh, 21-23.05.2016.
Second Meeting – Budapest, 15-16.09.2016.
Third Meeting – Granada, 26-27.04.2017.

With the support of the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.